\Autumn freeze\ baby should be dressed step by step, cold adapta

"spring cover autumn freeze" is reasonable, can prevent diseases and keep fit, because the Chinese children"s body temperature regulation learning ability development is not perfect mature, so in the cold and hot weather, than adults are more likely to cause illness. But the ability to regulate body temperature is thought to be improved by gradual daily adaptation to cold conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine says "Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter", because autumn is the season of Yin and Yang elimination, at the same time, everything converges in autumn, at this time "autumn freezing" exercise, not only can improve the human body resistance and cold resistance, but also can play a preventive role on respiratory diseases. "In early autumn, the heat has not disappeared, the temperature is higher, you do not have to add clothes to the child too early; In the middle of autumn, the temperature began to drop, then dress to be controlled, appropriately let the body "freezing", so as not to overdress sweating, injury Yin consumption of gas; And to the late autumn, autumn and winter handover, is more emphasis on cold insulation.????

1, to expose young children to cold conditions. In early autumn, parents should not rush to add clothes to their children, but to expose their skin to the air and the sun, as time goes on, they increase the spirit of autumn cream. The easiest way is to get into the habit of washing your hands and face in cold water. Because it"s a gradual cooling process, kids generally get used to it. Secondly, we must grasp the principle of gradualism and moderation. Children should be cold-resistant exercise step by step, to prevent the "frozen and motionless", this requires children to do more outdoor exercise, but it should be noted that the exercise should not "move" sweating, as long as the body is slightly hot, otherwise cold will invade the body through the epidermis expansion. Third, the autumn freeze but also according to the individual constitution. A healthy child with proper autumn freezing can quickly adapt to the temperature change from warm to cool, helping him or her to prepare for the cold winter. However, if the spleen and stomach deficientcold children (generally manifested as thin, yellow, anorexia, etc.), try not to do autumn cold, because such children itself is a cold, if the autumn cold, may be more susceptible to disease than other children.????

don"t take off your baby"s coat or hat when you get home. Early autumn weather is often "outside heating and cooling room", suddenly the door took off the coat baby, baby is easy to cool, after all, the ability to adapt to the baby"s temperature is less than adults. A baby should be allowed to take off his coat and hat to suit the room temperature. Choose clothes made of pure cotton that are comfortable and breathable. Temperatures are still high in early autumn, especially in rural areas of southern China, where playful babies can still be seen in a lot of sweat. But after all, the climate is relatively dry than some summer, especially in the electrostatic air slightly increased in the northern region, so pay attention to the baby mommy easy wear absorption sweat, breathable, static small cotton clothes, so as not to stimulate the baby"s delicate skin. The baby"s clothes should be changed in time and washed separately. After the baby sweats, the mother should change clothes for the baby in time to avoid the autumn wind blowing, all the special design, can be put naturally give bb legs in wrap.????



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